It's a secret . . . A fun, intriguing fantasy/paranormal. I wish I could tell you the name.

You'd think I wouldn't hesitate because novel titles are not copyright-able. But still, I want to go down in history as copywriting the first novel with the greatest, intriging, OMG implications you can imagine. I'm told the transcript needs to be about 70% finished before copywriting. Otherwise, I would have to re-copyright and history would show a 'second'. Not quite as clean as I prefer. So.... my goal is to write, write, write till I think I'm within that 30% unchanged window. I can't wait to tell you the gist. Like my previous novels, I seem to always push the boundaries. (Including someone (not the lovers) dies.) I don't follow the safe, formula arcs of "romance". Seasoned Romance doesn't have time for a Hallmark-Movie-paradigm. Their lovers don't kiss till the last moment of the movie, and we could be dead by then. We've got to get going pretty soon out of the gate.

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