One Fine Day - You're Going to Love Me

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

One thing about writing a novel: You can always make it better. The funniest, most unforgettable, and re-readable book I’ve ever read (email me at if you want the title and info on two sequels) was worked on for four years by a small team of collaborating writers. When it came out, it was voted the best book of the year in Australia. You’ll laugh so much your sides will ache—for real!

My first ‘Seasoned’ romance novel to be published is in the process of production. One of their editors has taken a pass through it and made a few excellent suggestions, and I have responded. Next, their attorneys will check it for possible legal issues. Then it will be formatted for the book layout and size, and there will be another smoothing review for pleasing page breaks, etc. We also have to come up with a little personalized-for-me icon to represent lapses of time or scene changes (instead of the traditional * * *). I’m sitting here wishing I could tweak the final all-ends-well intimacy scene and wondering if my publisher would choke me if I asked. I know the answer already. “Not only no, but hell no.” Plans are to have the book out late summer, and the cover still has to be created. This book is part of a collection (not a series) called One Fine Day – You’re Going To Love Me.

So I tell myself, you better take a quick peek (har har) at your other finished ‘Silver Fox’ romance (One Fine Day - You’re Going To Need Me) because the publisher will turn to it soon, hoping to get it out by Thanksgiving. They’d like to offer the two books together as a gift set for Christmas. You’re Going To Want Me will come later.

Which term do you prefer? Seasoned or Silver Fox? Do you recognize that to mean hero and heroine are aged in their late forties to early sixties? Are you interested in reading Seasoned romance? If so, Email me at with your comments, and I’ll send you the first two chapters of the book.

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